AcupuntureAcupuncture affects active points by very thin needles. There are more than 300 points on the human body, each one is connected to one of organs or systems. Needles are very tiny that there is no discomfort during acupuncture. This treatment helps to cope with pain, is indicated for many diseases of the internal organs, metabolic disorders, reduced immunity, insomnia and some nervous diseases.

Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular AcupunctureOn the ear of a person there are about two hundred active that don’t belong to the main meridians. The points on the ear provide opportunities in the treatment of various diseases. In the outer part of the ear there are projections of all internal organs. It is especially important that among them there are points associated with the brain. Therefore, the effectiveness of auricular reflexology in especially the treatment of neurological diseases and also fight against such illnesses as paralysis and numbness. The needles for this treatment ate different from the tradition and can stay put for 2 weeks.

Cranial Acupuncture

Cranial AcupunctureThe technique consists in the application of needles in the region of the scalp, stimulating cerebral areas. This area has a strong connection with the whole organism, so it is possible to treat problems throughout the body. Cranial acupuncture is a strong ally in the rehabilitation of neurological diseases, it can also treat insomnia, depression and panic disorders, muscular pain, delusions, hallucinations, hypertension and daily stress relief.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic AcupunctureCosmetic acupuncture can treat any type of alteration in the skin, it’s mainly indicated for the prevention of aging. But it also has good results for such problems as: cellulite, acne scars, cicatrices, dark circles, the improvement can be seen on average in four sessions.


MoxibustionConsist in warming the active points along the meridians. with a wormwood cigar. A cigar is fixed on the body in the places of spasms, painful areas in the spine for a period of from thirty minutes to an hour. Painless local method of strengthening the protective forces, relieving pain, heat accumulation in tissues and has no contraindications.

Plum Blossom needle therapy

This therapy has a more superficial impact on the active points then the acupuncture, in this treatment the doctor uses a special tool, small-needle hammer, that made of stainless steel. This hammer, affects the skin receptors of the reflexogenic zones, causing adequate reactions of the body, involves the immune system, gives it extra strength and successfully combat the disease. The range of problems that treat this therapy goes from arthrosis and lung disease to hypotension and urination disorders.

Capillary Blood-letting

Blood-lettingThis therapy implies a short and quick cut with a special needle to a depth of 1-2 mm at active points, after the few drops of blood, the doctor stops the bleeding. During the procedure, the patient lies, and after the procedure rests for about 15 minutes. The course of blood-letting its between three to five procedures in a week. Ii is especially effective in hypertension, migraines and pains in spinal osteochondrosis, after the procedure there is a renewal of blood and rejuvenation of a whole body.


Tuina Massage

It’s one of Chinese methods of massage. Tuina is massage technique that is close to acupressure. During this Chinese massage, the doctor concentrates on the meridians (lines) that moves through the body. This method is effective to relieves pain, inflammation, improves blood circulation, metabolism and relieves muscle tension.

Vacuum Therapy

Vacuum TherapyThis therapy is made with different sized glass cups. The doctor conducts the cups through the active points on the body of patient. These movements promote the flow of energy and protects the further illness. Vacuum therapy strengthens the capillaries, improves microcirculation, helps the body in cellular respiration, accelerates the restoring of damaged tissues and strengthens the body's defense.

Foot massage (reflexology)

First, the patient put the legs in the bath with herbs for ten minutes. The selection of herbs is individual for every patient. Hot water relaxes and it is benefic for the nervous system, dilates blood vessels, prepares to the feet for massage. The movement of Qi along the meridians is accelerated, energy stagnations are eliminated. After the bath, the doctor proceeds to a 40-minute foot massage. The biologically active points of all organs and systems are located on the foot. A certain massage on them improves the condition of the diseased organ, improves the functions, relieves inflammatory processes, relieves tension and improves the condition of whole body and mood.


MesotherapyThe mesotherapy consist in application of the needle with a special mix of natural components in the intradermal layer of skin in the body areas.  Mesotherapy is a relatively painless procedure but it also depends on the sensitivity of the skin and the region where it is applied. However, because it is a non-invasive treatment, it is not necessary to have recover period and use bandages or straps as in other invasive procedures. The mesotherapy is indicated to cellulites of different grades skin facial or corporal, stretch marks, scars and over all skin recovery.


The bambuterapy is made with small bamboo rods of different sizes, with different intensity and frequency in certain body parts. It’s very effective to eliminating the body fat, often being more effective than lymphatic drainage. The therapy has a relaxing effect, reduces tension and stress by releasing more energy to the body, leaving the skin more flexible, and also bring other benefits to the whole body.